I have been using Lightroom for a while now, depending on the client, the editing session

may take me between 1-3hrs.(Wedding or Sports)

Ever since I got my hands on the Loupedeck and now the Loupedeck+, my editing sessions

have been cut in half. On top of that I found it easier to apply edits to images, instantly which

before would have required the use of a mouse and keyboard. It’s all in your hands, from the

control dial or even selective colour edits.

I have the freedom to clear my desk and only use the Loupedeck+ or as I call it the LP.

When editing game day images from Melbourne City, I’ve customised my D1 button as a

control for noise reduction (shooting some games at iso3200 plus. This allows me to soften

the harsh noise on some not all. Trust me I don’t use this tool too much, only on game day

images I know that are affected by poor stadium lighting)

Editing weddings are always a breeze when using the LP. With colour selective options, I’m

able to mute greens/yellows at a scroll of the wheel - rating the good and bad images with

both a simple click of either red, yellow or purple option (ideally 1-5)

Recently the wife and I had a photoshoot up in the countryside of Victoria, taking both the

laptop and the LP allowed us to go through each image and edit selects on the road - either

at a cafe or at the cabin.

Only recently have I started to use it with PREMIERE PRO,. I’m no pro at editing video but it

has freed up my time from moving through segments, seeking colour edit options.

I will be uploading a little video tutorial soon.


On our wedding night, in front of all our guests - I made a promise to my wife that I will take her to Africa, her childhood dream. And thats what I did - almost 6 months later, we were on a plane to see Kenya and Tanzania. That was a BIG promise I made….


I will be creating a few shorter blog posts regarding this trip! things such as “TO DO LISTS” “CAMPING IN AFRICA” in the next few days! trust me, camping with the lions - was epic!

You know when you get some sort of cough and your Google search begins? Trying to work out what is actually wrong with you? Well, thats what happened with this trip early on! There were so many news articles and links to potential dangers... I began to immediately second guess this trip. Words on the screen read “Unsafe” and so on, but I was determined to do it, eager to make this work and make my wife smile. Of course, I later learnt that these terms were all over the net for almost every country in Africa. We decided to avoid the internet and watch a few videos via YouTube to ease our minds. And of course listened to TOTO - AFRICA almost every day before our trip.

This is when I came across On the Go Tours, I thought to myself: what better way to explore a new country safely than do it on a tour! On the Go have multiple tours in Africa and around the world and the one we chose was called: The Best of Kenya and Tanzania, which was an 11 day tour across Kenya and Tanzania. Exactly what we were after; Serengeti, Masai Mara and the Ngorongoro Crater. All info needed was online, itinerary details to camp site names - reviews were looking positive and the potential to link up and hang out with other travellers from the across the globe made it a fun group experience. Oh and this trip was an entire overland based adventure, so most of it was either freedom camping or at pre booked campsite.

We chose the BEST OF KENYA AND TANZANIA tour, have a look at the itinerary and see if it suits your vibe / visit ONTHEGOTOURS


For a place which I did not know well in comparison to locations like London and the United States, it was comforting knowing that our itinerary was already done for us, ensuring we see all the main attractions and everything in between. As the countdown began for our adventure to Africa, we regularly looked online, mapping out our trip and researching all that we were soon going to see, which really got the butterflies going on in our belly! Knowing that we were going to see animals such as Lions and Elephants up so close was going to be such an amazing and surreal experience!

The day before, whilst we were packing: it was a MUST that my wife’s two favourite movies were on repeat in the background: George of the Jungle and The Lion King. Although this movies are cheesy (but amazing) it really did set the scene of what we were about to experience (apart from talking Apes) and give us just a little bit more excitement than we were already feeling. I did warn her that she will not be seeing a wild Brendan Fraser running around the woods. I almost was tempted to get into shape and grow out the hair just to impress her.

The day had finally come, we had our luggage in the car and we were on our way to the airport! The flights (Qatar Airways) were smooth, with friendly staff, good food and didn’t feel like a strain at all! Our first stop was Doha, which was a super nice and modern airport, we grabbed a coffee, let our family know we were safe and in no time we were back on the plane for our final destination!

Arriving in Kenya was very overwhelming, we were hit with a blast of heat, we were in a very unknown country, the airport was very different from both Doha and Melbourne (almost as if it was Geelong Airport) and the moment we stepped outside there were hundreds of people holding up signs and yelling out for taxi’s. I wanted to become friends with the one guy who had a Manchester United jersey on.

For someone with terrible eyesight, Chantelle luckily pointed out our A4 handwritten sign (our names were squished because I have the world record for longest surname haha) we then made our way to the Kenya Comfort Inn, “luxury” for Africa, noisy but nice. On the main roads of Nairobi, a great way to experience the streets.

We met our neighbours for the next 11 days which included many Aussies and a few Brits (don’t forget our favourite Welsh Man) made our way into town to pick up a few necessities for the trip (water, snacks etc). I thought it was a fantastic idea to purchase a 10 litre bottle of water, whilst everyone else bought a handful of 5 or 2 litre bottles, but later found out my bottle was a refill for those Never-fail water machines you see in offices.. oops.

We were briefed by our tour guide about the holiday ahead of us, had some dinner and sleep to fuel us for the long drive to our first destination first thing in the morning. Although our drive was long, it was far from boring. Seeing the streets and people of Kenya was amazing, the way they live, the way they dress - so different from myself but so amazing and beautiful. It was an eye opening experience to say the least.

Bonding with our group over night at the Comfort, we instantly found out that I will slowly become the worst dad at “dad jokes” … Kenya believe that!?

Now I have to give a mention to the three amazing staff member; Leah our guide, Ruben the cook and our driver Issa - all three worked so hard to keep a smile on our faces. No matter what challenge was, they did it together. Ruben cooked us everything from local foods to our favourite noodles, Issa tackled every road as if it was for himself - no selfishness. Lastly, our leader Leah - the one who organised it all and kept us in line. Thank you!

The bumpy African roads, dusty air and time spent in the bus was nothing compared to what was in front of us at the first campsite, beautiful scenery and the sounds of wildlife in the distance. We set up tent (something that we got faster at during our 11 days there), watched the sun set and sat by the fire discussing tomorrows adventures. One thing I totally didn’t expect was showers, this place had one of the best of the entire trip - an outdoor wilderness experience. Chantelle loved it, but the drop hole toilets and I are were never friends.

The next day was by far our favourite and most memorable. Casual 4:30 alarm, we knew what we were about to see so time wasn’t an issue. As we arrived, balloons were slowly lifting off - as we watched each and almost every single one rise - we waited our turn. From start to finish, the team behind it all were beyond professional - for someone like the wife to do this for the first time, and to do it in a foreign country easily proved to me how safe and direct they were. Gliding through the Masai Mara, we were heading towards the Serengeti. Years of watching David Attenborough on TV, I could hear his voice whisper each moment - every single animal we flew past. Side by side with Chantelle, we softly glide past Giraffes, Water Buffalos and many more as the sun slowly rose behind us.

After our hour balloon ride was done, we were dropped off in the middle of nowhere (literally) a Defender picks us up, and yells “off to breakfast we go” - only a few seconds into our trip, we make a detour and come across a large male lion tearing into his morning snack - life, right in front of you. I slowly sing “Circle of Life” from the Lion King in my head as this unfolds.

Post breakfast adventures involved a thrilling game drive and a Masai Village visit - all of this occurred within the same day as a ballooning experience. Overwhelmed isn’t a word I would use easily for a day as such, we were spoilt beyond belief. Coming across a family of Elephants, Giraffes drinking from local river beds and of course, Lions roaming through the Masai - we later on ended our trip with a quick visit to a local village, run and inhabited by the Masai Tribe. We were welcomed by the locals with a dance and song from both the women and men of the village. A fun fact we learnt was that most Masai Villagers will walk hours for food, school, work and a lot more. An ancient blood line living alongside todays world.


Going into a third day of our trip, we departed the Masai for Nakuru, a little 8 hour trip north of our current spot - the truck itself was a little bit of a pain when hitting the big roads, mainly doubling up our travel time but also keeping us safe on the road. We finally arrive to our spot for the next few nights - we’ve been camping for the past night or so and actually thought we will be camping every night during our stay in Kenya or Tanzania. Nakuru’s camp spot was actually a Lodge run by an Australian family, which also operates the EAMO Orphanage we will be visiting. The lodge itself was breathtaking, we opted to upgrade and avoid camping the two nights we were staying in town - a warm shower, a soft bed and being out of the rain that was heading towards us.

Nakuru is known for its Pink Flamingos at the National Park, sadly a few years ago the town was flooded which caused a lot of their wildlife to migrate to other regions of the country. We were hoping to catch a Leopard on this trip, our day consisted mainly of Zebras and Baboons and by the end of the day we ticked off both Rhinos of Kenya, sadly not a single Leopard in sight. A simple circular trip around the Nakuru National Park which lasted between 2 - 4 hours. Made it back to our lodge, cleaned up and head on over the EAMO Orphanage and school. Before we made our way to Kenya I teamed up with PARK to bring footballs to the kids, walking onto the school ground we hear the voices of kids screaming, shouting “HELLO” - I pull a football out of my bag, and within seconds what was a silent field turned into hundreds of kids wanting to kick the ball - many of them just wanted a cuddle. Chantelle and I were running around with the kids, introducing ourselves and visa versa. I learnt that a lot of them have had some tough lives, at such a young age these kids have gone through a lot more than most of us reading this blog. The kids put on a show, sung a few local songs and departed with a simple smile.

The next few days were basically travel from Northern Kenya to the border of Tanzania, we passed through the amazing and famous Tea region known as Kericho. Famous for its talented runners/athletes but also for its chai/tea. By the weekend we had made it to Tanzania, a busy town by Lake Victoria. Myself and a few of the others decided to jump on a BMX and stroll through the villages just before sunset. Meeting a lot of the locals, riding alongside traffic on the main road and actually being called JESUS by some of the kids.

Driving through the towns, I noticed that Kenya and Tanzania were different in many ways. Kenyans used a lot of the english language on their signs, shops and language while within Tanzanians, the Swahili language was everywhere. The last stretch of our journey through Central Africa began now - a 4 day trip from Lake Victoria, passing through the Serengeti & Ngorongoro Crater and finally finishing it all off with a return trip to Nairobi.

Our target arrival into the Serengeti was around 5PM, just before sunset - enough time and light to set up camp / our tour guide did warn us of our upcoming situation - we are basically camping in the middle of the game reserve - lions, zebras, buffalos and more all breathing down our tents. Driving into the camp gates, we stop for a quick lunch all prepared for us by the amazing chef. Once all done we depart for our camp, driving through the reserve we were interrupted moments into our trip by an Elephant crossing our path - all other tour cars, stopping as they witness this gigantic beautiful animal walking pass all cars. The sun slowly departs and everyone on our bus begins to worry about the situation we will face in moments time - once we arrive, its straight into tent set up. Coming to a stop in total darkness, we immediately choose our spots and set up camp, gather local branches and create our bonfire which in someway will keep us safe from the wild life but also warm while we enjoy our dinner.

As we were sitting by our fire, I had this idea to potentially capture our site with some of the night sky, I walk into the dark just enough to fit it all into my shot. As I set this all up, I notice a little sound crackling right behind me, I look back and notice a shadow - within seconds I’ve gone from crouching to running. It ended up being a Buffalo and Leah (tour guide) advised me that in the future I should never run, mainly if it is a Buffalo - as they do get triggered by people running.

Hearing the sounds of a Hyenas laugh in the morning, can wake you up no matter what time it is or how much sleep you have had - restless moments there on after, sitting in our sleeping bags waiting for everyone else to make first contact with the outside world - I did hear some talking, so we assumed it was safe to do so and get out of our tent. It was around 6am and we looked around our tents, noticing scratch marks in some areas of tents. Some sort of animal did visit our campsite overnight. After having our morning breakfast we depart and head on over to Serengeti National Reserve for todays game drive, ending the day and setting camp just outside the Ngrongoro Crater which is tomorrows destination.

Arriving in the busy end of the park it was packed with tourists - our trucks cut through path ways to achieve the best view possible of every scenario we come across. Our first moment we encounter was the herd of lions just sitting around what seemed to resemble Pride Rock (yep, Lion King reference) remember that most of these reserves are large in size, the Serengeti itself is around 30,000 Square KMs and just to be able to see every single part of this park would be amazing but as I was told by many on this trip “right place, right time”. The game drive covered a lot of ground, we had an amazing day witnessing Cheetahs roam around the reserve - Zebras in the hundreds - and of course to top it all of for me, my hat decided to fly out of the truck and on to the road, I did yell to the driver to stop. But he wasn’t stopping. RIP Hat! We did see a lot more on our trip through the park, its just hard to note every moment - make sure to bring heaps of water on your future trips and wear comfortable clothes as it does get hot/sandy at times.

11 days wasn’t enough, after witnessing all that we did in the Serengeti I’m keen to finish it all off with the Crater tomorrow. Passing through the end gate, we depart the Serengeti for the Crater - a good 2 hour trip in between, thankfully our trip become a little more adventurous than advertised as our truck decides to hit something and rupture a tyre. After many attempts our driver finally puts it back on the road, and off we go to our camp site just outside of tomorrows National Park. Driving towards the crater, we pass many Masai villages - kids with white masks, I was fortunate enough to meet an elder who was passing through the road where we had made a half way point pit stop - we discussed a few things and I asked if I could capture his portrait, he insisted and allowed me to proceed.

The camp site was a great way to end our wilderness camping experience as tomorrows spot was a little more safer and enclosed to the world. A beautiful tree stood tall in the middle, surrounded by so many tourists - many from Germany, Asia and abroad. Running off to the bathroom that afternoon we crossed paths with the local Zebras. The next morning was our final adventure. The crater was only a short trip from where we were, although it was a downhill road from here. As you could honestly look outside your window and see the bottom of the cliff.


Making our descend down the entrance the Ngrongoro Crater we noticed a lot of other cars sitting in one spot, now this happens often on a game drive if someone/one of the drives comes across something. Slowly one by one the depart, and only seconds later I noticed a few lions on the cliff side walking around. Looking over my shoulder we all noticed that there was a female lion making her way down and potentially past us. I wasn’t sure how to feel, the large female lioness slowly passes our truck - not even fussed if we were watching as she brushed us aside. Only a few seconds below from this spot we came across a large Elephant feasting on one of the trees. Like most of the game drives we witnessed everything, the lioness was and will always be our favourite moment from this trip. Meeting the local kids, and everything in between.

Departing the crater we head for our last town called Arusha (small town near the border of Kenya and Tanzania) where we will be staying at a camp site set up by a South African couple who have been there for a very long time. If you happen to be passing by or needing a place to stay before you visit Kilimanjaro or the Crater route, a visit to Mesarani Snake Park. A legendary establishment, the bar within the park features hundreds of memorabilia from passing visitors. Our campsite that night was a little bit of a tearful one, as we all had our “last supper” with the group we were apart of for the past 12 days. We said our stories, our thanks and enjoyed Rubens last dish which was a Kenyan special called Ugali (google it, looks yum)

The final trip back was about an 8 hour drive including a quick pit stop at the border - from here we were driving directly through to Nairobi where Chantelle and I will be departing the next morning. When we arrived back into the city we caught the cheapest UBER (highly recommend) from the centre to our hotel which cost about $6 AUD for what would have been $60 in Australia itself. Early wake up call the next day and off we went back to Australia via Doha, little delay at Doha but if you were ever to have a delay then this airport was the place to be

Arriving back into Melbourne and realising it is all over! 11 days in Africa has come to an end!

A huge thanks to the team at ON THE GO TOURS / Africa Travel Co and our team of three for taking care of Chantelle and I during the 11 days across Kenya and Tanzania.


My time in New Zealand was to be short and sweet, the trip itself was initially for a wedding booking. Around said wedding I was hoping to drive around the South Island and explore one of my favourite bits of the world - how can you pass on visiting the beautiful Mt Cook!

A big thanks to Maui Motorhomes for keeping me warm the entire trip!


The big day was to be held in Queenstown on the Wednesday, so I had planned to fly into the South Island directly from Melbourne and begin my mini adventure that Sunday - there I would meet my travel companion for the next few days. A local photography, a talented friend by the name of Josh

I personally love a good camp site, bon fire and winter weather combo - but with my first ever international booking that week I was hoping to keep clean and stay out of those conditions - no use being ill on a big gig - thankfully Motorhome was fully equipped with a two bed, full dining RV experience for our week long trip ; of course, I claimed top bed which was above the driver and which I named “top bunk” 

Day 1 - Milford Sound

As I arrived, we immediately stocked up on soup, bread, salads and way too many bottles of Soda Water - fuelled up and made our way to Milford Sound. The last time I visited that part of NZ was via small plane, I totally forgot how long it would take us to arrive after departure - we spent the last few minutes of our drive through the region in darkness - missing the beauty of the now covered regions and the mid winter sunsets. We decided make camp at Milford Sound Lodge, parking on site was a little challenge but we managed - minutes later we set up our tripods and watched the stars brighten up Bowen Falls & the surrounding peaks. An experience that ill never forget, we called it a night and planned to catch the sunrise which was in the next 6hours - adding another experience never to be forgotten. Doing a full 360 from a bright star filled night sky to a cold, foggy sunrise.

Day 2 - Lake Marian

The day continued on, we decided to tackle the Lake Marian track immediately after our morning at Milford Sound - parking the truck and hitting the track within seconds, we were to reach the very top within 3hours with minor drink stops. Personally Ive only done beginner hike trails, mostly easily straight roads or pebble tracks, the Lake Marian was on another level - moments I thought to myself that I may have been a modern day Tarzan, climbing from tree branches to gripping onto rock walls just to continue onto our path. Not to sound like a paid plug, but I was lucky enough to have had Merrel send me a pair of their amazing boots (pictured below)

Beautiful rainforest moments, open field views with the slight hair raising sounds of avalanches into the distance, we finally make it to the top within the three hour time frame. Instantly in awe, a lake within a mountain peak - I remember flying over this region thinking imagine swimming inside that. Spending a good hour photographing, walking around and of course enjoying the moment - we make our way down, meeting other tourists on their climb

Funny story*** we kind of got lost on our way down, every few minutes there would be a little orange triangle on a tree so that you could follow the path up or down. Well, we lost said orange triangle and managed to walk minutes into the unknown…..

Oh and on our way back to civilization, we made a quick stop by Queenstown for some of the best burgers in NZ - FERGBURGER! that went down well


Day 3 - Wanaka

The next morning was to be my favourite day, I had been planning to finally climb Roys Peak - for many years I have fallen involve with Wanaka as a whole, but Roys Peak has a special spot for me. The very first time I had been in town, we had no access to the climb due to weather, and of course once again due to strong winds and rain the climb had to be cancelled once again -  we made up for lost time by driving towards the Blue Pools as suggested by Josh who spoke highly of the drive towards the Fox Glacier region - with time to spare, we enjoyed a few minutes with the infamous Wanaka tree. Camping that night was a fun one, astro shooting was perfect but a strong wind meant we spent our night being rocked to sleep


Day 4 - Queenstown Wedding

My first international wedding, something I have always wanted to tick off in my career - a goal I have been working towards. A full day spent documenting an amazing day in Queenstown and Make Lake. A full day of work, we decided to camp between Queenstown and Mt Cook - early morning starts are my middle name

Heres to more international weddings! thanks for having me Adam + Madison

*full wedding gallery to be on www.aleksandarjasonweddings.com

Day 5 - Mt Cook

Many say that the Aoraki/Mt Cook region Is well known for its diverse and unique weather patterns - Josh himself had advised me that Mt Cook has its own weather due to its size. We had our fingers crossed the night before as we had a booking for a morning scenic flight over the region, and of course as usual luck and natures choice - we had a cancellation. Thankfully we decided to spend our day hiking It to the glacier point, witnessing one of the most amazing sunsets with the storm passing by we were blessed with a pink sky and a early moon. Everyone love that photo of Mt Cook from the entrance point, the usual road leading you to your destination point of view - again, weather just didnt allow me to get what i dreamt off

Along the trip to Mt Cook we were joined by our new friends, Aussie couple from the Blue Mountains (@liamfoster & @bahlexis) who happened to have been camping in the area!

The last time I visited Aoraki/Mt Cook it was completely covered in snow and ice - a blizzard had hit that time, and this time round it was wet and gloomy for the entire morning. And as mentioned, by the end of the day of our walk back it was blue skies….maybe next time NZ, ill get a sunny day

PS if you ever drive to Mt Cook, make sure to visit Twizel - they make the best Waffle Fries!!!


Day 6 - Lindis Pass + Home Time

Our final day in New Zealand was a long drive back to Queenstown for a 6PM flight to Melbourne. Camped at Lake Pukkaki - we decided to visit Lindis Pass and Arrowtown as our pit stops - a frosty morning made it a foggy experience and a slight snow cover across Lindis Pass, silent as ever we were thrilled to have the entire space to ourselves. Watching the low lying clouds just pass on through. Heading towards Arrowtown, Im never a fan of the Gorge region in between but music and good conversation can make things a lot easier - arriving into Arrowtown just in time for lunch, we visit the well known police station, enjoy some of the best coffee NZ had to offer and headed on to our final stop - Queenstown

Dropping off the RV was a blast, the team behind the counter made it so easy to drop off and head straight to the airport for my flight home - couldn’t wait to see the wifey and the fur son!

And a big thanks to my passenger amigo, Josh! thanks for the long converations and long nights


Ive always been the type of person who is able to text and not look at their phone or type on a keyboard not look at what they are pressing - finally, I now have the chance to edit without moving a muscle - well I still do, but not as much

Thankfully to the amazing team at Loupedeck they have come up with this "keyboard" approach to your lightroom settings / without looking or scrolling through the tabs for Hue/Sat or Clarity - it is all within one board right infront of you!

Make sure to check them out /  loupedeck.com


Photos by Chantelle Elise


Where to begin? the night began with our trip across the Bass on board the Spirit of Tasmania. 

Arriving into a Devonport I had no clue exisited, visiting a trendy and pretty nice coffee shop at around 6:00AM which i have never experience in Tasmania (Shops usually open at 9AM and close by 2PM) 

The first day basically took us from Devonport to Swansea, the morning winds through Launceston and the long windy roads towards Coles Bay. Coffee stops galore, I dont think I have ever had a higher intake of cafeine and milk in a single day. Enjoying the local cusines at both Food and Wine Conservatory & Stillwater - up untill we departed in the late afternoon and made it at the White Sands Resort for sunset

Finishing our day and setting up camp at the beautiful at Piermont Retreat ; Dinner/Breakfast were non-describable amazing works of art.

Catching first light by the bay, as the sun peaked over the Freycinet region - Tasmania in its raw element. And to top it off with a final roadtrip towards Hobart Airport. 

A total of 400KM would be a great estimate of our travels!

Thank you Mini Australia and thank you Tasmania


I have always wanted the DJI Mavic Pro and thankfully I had the opportunity to give it a test run thanks to the team at DJI Authorised Retail Store Melbourne. For the past few weeks, I've spent my mornings down by Bells Beach above the ocean - blue waves and red skies, the Great Ocean Road and me.

Well me, myself and my drone; the Mavic Pro Platinum. 

It weighs absolutely nothing compared to many of the other drones I've trialled, and the Mavic Pro Platinum itself has so much going on for something so small. One of the best things was it all fits within a comfy and perfectly designed Crumpler bag, only available when you purchase from the DJI Authorised Retail stores. 

Travel light and seek more, true colour and 4k video. Battery life is also not a problem, just be smart with what you decide to shoot. 

If you're in the market for a drone, make sure you visit the team at DJI Authorised Retail stores. I headed in to their Brunswick store and got to chat to the experts, test fly some drones and ask all the questions I wanted. It's the only place you get to go in and test fly drones, or get free lessons if you need. 

They've also just opened a newbie in Melbourne Central. For more info on their products or store locations close to you, check out there website here

This post is in collaboration with the DJI Authorised Retail Store


My best memories of the NSL were going to watch the Brisbane strikers with my dad, we didn't miss a game. Being at the fence chasing the players to get my playing cards signed and being a ballboy for the strikers. The '97 grand final was also a day I won't forget. After watching the last season of the NSL there would be a brief pause in Australian football as the A-league was developed with 8 clubs. The first game again I was there, that day I'll also never forget. A 2-0 win, we celebrated each goal like we were on the field. I was signed for season 2 after spending that first year at the AIS. Again season opener, everything same as the season before, this time i'm in the squad. Miron calls me over to come on, I sprint from behind the goal. I score my first professional goal and we win 3-1 against Perth.

There are many people in this country who love the game, it has the highest participation amongst kids across all sports also. So I believe the love of the game is there, just the connection to the clubs isn't, this will take time. It might be the people who run the game, don't have that understanding and are trying to take the soul out of football. We are amazed at the scenes across Europe but condemn them here. That's what makes football special and we can't lose that. 
As a kid I always the had the ball at my feet and was outside kicking the ball and breaking the fence palings and hoping my parents didn't hear. When I watched my dad play I would be on the back fields playing against the kids from the other club for hours. I was always with a ball whether inside or outside. I would cry when games were cancelled because of bad weather.

After my playing career; something I don't want to think about because I want to play forever. I know how much I will miss it when that day arrives because football is all I know and all I ever dreamt of. I want to remain within the game and am already starting to think as a coach. I will start my coaching badges this year.


The MYGOBE story, where to begin

I personally came across the brand via Instagram as you usually do, but it was when i looked a little deeper into what they are doing outside of the photography world that got me interested. Yes, I did need filters and have needed some for many years - but spending the money on them has always been a "Do I really need one" sort of thing.

GOBE, trusted by many but I needed to get my hands on one. And its when I came across the story of Chris and Christian that I wanted to buy into. 

Ive been to places like Thailand and Fiji, and have seen what our world has become - how we forget about our planet. Closer to home, and you can see over the years what Tasmania has gone through with deforestation. And if you know me well, you will know how much I like trees, well mainly Pine Trees (who doesnt) but nature in general, and that was it for me - how can I help secure what I love most about this planet for my kids, and of course your kids. 

Ive wanted to participate in clean up Australia days, ive wanted to raise funds for certain hospitals - but it has always felt like a big cat in a suit is behind it all - someone with money and no effort. 

So here's my helping hand, I love my trees so why not save them


So far over 400k trees have been planted thanks to the team, the ambassadors and everyone behind the GOBE brand. Where? Madagascar, Nepal and Tahiti so far and I may even ask the team if I could lend a hand and suggest somewhere closer to home. 


A simple Amazon search will take you directly to there shop, click and buy - affordable prices for all. I shoot a lot of sport and in summer, no one likes an overblown highlight. And in winter, what a great way to work on portraits using the 50mm 1.2 when the snow and sun collide.

Between 4-10days depending where in the world you are, and a knock on the door - your package has arrived. I purchased the 77mm and 72mm for my Canon 50mm 1.2 & Canon 70-200mm 2.8 II lenses. 


Aleksandar JasonComment


I personally am a true believer in working hard for your gear, its a greater sense of ownership and dedication to your trade/passion. Budgets are tight and gear is expensive, so when looking on the market for your next camera - this is why I highly recommend the Canon 6DMKII

Going back a few years now, I remember picking up very first DSLR - a Canon Rebel 450D. To compare that to today's iPhone 8 or X, let's just say they both now share the exact same MP. But what a DSLR can do today is beyond what I ever thought my starter kit could have the potential of. Being able to access your image/video files via wifi or a simple Dual Pixel Auto Focus when using video or live mode. Endless amount of possibilities for your first DSLR or a second body.

It has everything a beginner need, it has everything you need as a second body. Keeping it short and simple, to be able to have a DSLR such as the Canon 6DMKII on the market available at such a low price is outstanding. A easy hands on camera for portraits, weddings or even travel. I personally enjoyed vlogging with the lightweight body. 




  1. Dual Pixel AF, its simple technology that assists many of us when filming
  2. Touch Screen, getting that shot you need when flipping the screen. Focusing on certain objects while filming without handling your lenses
  3. ISO is pretty strong, withstood images at 6400 when shooting dark wedding location with a Canon 50mm 1.2 
  4. Compared to the first gen 6D, the latest addition has a much stronger/chunkier body allowing you to grip the camera with a little more tlc
  5. 26MP 


  1. Not having 4K filming options! a real let down for many DSLR bodies in the Canon Range.
  2. Single Card slot, many of us now use a mixture of CF or SD, would be awesome if Canon had a mixture of both for all of their DSLR bodies. 
  3. No microphone access

*a big thank you to Canon Australia & Ogilvy for their support and loan of the 6D - all images below were taken on the 6DMKII


Before any flight of any drone, the pilot must research their location. Do not go into these things blind, without a doubt something could go wrong. I do understand the whole "just do it - get the shot" but you also need to understand that there are rules in place, break one and you ruin it for all of us!

The CASA App did specify that I could not go over 30M high, and that's exactly what I did - now I have to say the 2-10mins I was up I was a nervous mess! mainly for the reason of doing this for the first time, in SYDNEY 

I do have to say, flying for that short time got me thinking - I really need to invest in a much smaller/lighter/less attention-seeking drone. Might go ahead and bring the Mavic Air alongside me in the near future.

The Phantom 4 Pro, amazing imagery/video content sadly just a large oversized drone that really needs a re-design.

Attempting my first Sydney flight, I did arrive at Bronte around 6AM, i wanted to make sure I arrive before peak time...I dont think there is Peak time, I feel SYDNEY is 110% always busy! which was why my nerves skyrocketed. 

I did enjoy my first flight, would never dare to go to any other beach just yet - I feel alot of these coastal locations down the Sydney Metro areas (Manly, Cronulla, Bronte etc) will be adjusted and may introduce no drone signs. 


VSCO, the ever changing idea that has literally changed the way photographers and other creatives across the world edit their photo or videos. I came across the app a while ago now, most of us were using photoshop and ligtroom without the thought of "presets" or in simple language "replicate what film does". Presets have taken the scene by storm, everyones creating their unique approach, everyones copying the man or women before. 

VSCO, are in my eyes the pioneers and responsible for bringing a healthy/smart/creative approach to this movement 

I had the pleasure of meeting the team behind it all, while visitng San Francisco during my honeymoon - we drove a few minutes across to Oakland where VSCO HQ is based - what an amazing experience, what an amazing team. The future is bright! 

Recently, i was lucky enough to have my work featured. A personal piece on my drone photography and why/how it has changed our view on our planet! 

Enjoy the read! CLICK HERE


Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 11.05.26 am.png
Aleksandar JasonComment


The last was seen around 1866 - and the next, well im not too sure. If you missed last nights/yesterdays phenomena well you did miss out on something that many of us will never get to experience again. Why are these events important? why are these events a "must see". We only get to experience these emotions during a limited amount of time. Spend the extra hour outside, look up and imagine what is beyond our beliefes - dont hold back, dont be another generic replica of what humanity has become. Enjoy the sites while we can - Shot on the Canon 1DX MKII + 200-400mm f4

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