Living in the digital generation, we have forgotten so much about what was and what would have been. As a creative individual, i constantly seek new inspiration and avenues to send my artist mind on. Film and photography have always been an interest, an expensive one of sort.

Mix all of that and at times calling yourself a "collector" - you find yourself in situations where you wish you had this, that and all the other things on your mind. One of these things for me has always been the Rollei or Rolleiflex

A total differenet approach to your modern day photography, a mid hip or how ever you feel comfortable point of view - the Rollei has been a goal for me, and now tom finally have one in my arsenal is a dream

Ill be heading out to NYC in October for my honeymoon, hopefully the streets of New York will oepn up to me

How did I find it? Thankfully Gumtree has always been my go to; I've looked everywhere in the past. From op shops in country towns, hoping someone had no idea what gold they had hiding in their house or even Garage Sales and Markets. It's always been super easy, and they recently celebrated 10 years in Australia so have added a bunch of features including a slick new design, 24/7 live chat support, and if you hate carrying around big loads of cash, there’s now an option to pay directly through the platform when picking up your item via peer-to-peer payments with PayPal.

I have over 50 film, digital and toy cameras - an obsession of no other. I love what I do, but I love what we can create. And the Rollei will open an entire new world for me and my artist life.

Thanfully a gentlemen in Adelaide, Australia had listed it. I messaged and we arranged a sale - I was excited. I thought "maybe itll be here by the end of the month" it actually arrived the very next afternoon...

I am currently working on a series of portraits, mixture of sport and street photography. Im so used to the digital way of things, its good to take a step back and actually feelt he camera click. Know that you may only have 1 last shot on the roll or slide. Thats the thrill of photography, the art of knowing what is good and what is just another moment not needed

Thank you Gumtree!


Stay tuned for more :)

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