The home of Ansel Adams, how could I do justice to this place. We all have seen the famous Tunnel View image, the one and only Mac image Most of us (well me) used to pronounce it "Yosh-Em-Ite" or whatever that character from Tekken was...We depart San Francisco early that morning, arriving just after lunch. Not a short trip but a decent 3+ hours can get you restless. Arriving in a spot/sacred land such as the Yosemite National Park, well you begin to forget a lot of problems you have. You forget that you are still on Earth. This place was not only amazing but busy - so make sure you plan your visit. Being on our Honeymoon I was hoping to stay a night, but didn't want to risk our gear being stolen only 1 week into our holiday; that would've been a story. If you are visiting Yosemite anytime soon, camp or even stay a night in your car/but keep warm or cool depending on the season you arrive. I regret missing out on spending a full day - we got to enjoy the views, weather and sights for a good 6hours. Departing around Sunset and getting back to San Francisco just after midnight...well we had a quick pit stop for some Mac and Chees - I do miss walking around and taking it all in, waterfalls in each and every corner - coming face to face with deer!       



Where did we stay? As mentioned above we only did a day visit, if we had stayed - there are many Motels and Hotels before you arrive into the valley. The next time I visit YNP, definitely will be camping

What did we eat?  Picnic supplies for days! it all depends on your trip, but there is a canteen on campus - we were there during Autumn so it was operating at the time. 

How's Parking?  its simple, just keep it smart and get there early or late - dont try your luck as youll definetley spend a little to long searching for a good spot

Best View? Has to be from the top of Glacier Point! make sure you catch sunset - less busier then the iconic Tunnel View which is probably the typical tourist view point as many want to avoid the 45min drive up - get there early or always, go visit during off peak. Autumn and Winter are the best

 Was it a safe drive? Everyone is a different drive! just make sure to get the right amount of sleep and keep an eye out for the signs! we almost ended up in Los Angeles. it is a lonely drive....

What gear did you have on you? as always Canon 1DX MKII / Canon 50mm 1.2 / Canon 24-70mm 2.8 / Canon 70-200mm 2.8 / Rolleiflex




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