VSCO, the ever changing idea that has literally changed the way photographers and other creatives across the world edit their photo or videos. I came across the app a while ago now, most of us were using photoshop and ligtroom without the thought of "presets" or in simple language "replicate what film does". Presets have taken the scene by storm, everyones creating their unique approach, everyones copying the man or women before. 

VSCO, are in my eyes the pioneers and responsible for bringing a healthy/smart/creative approach to this movement 

I had the pleasure of meeting the team behind it all, while visitng San Francisco during my honeymoon - we drove a few minutes across to Oakland where VSCO HQ is based - what an amazing experience, what an amazing team. The future is bright! 

Recently, i was lucky enough to have my work featured. A personal piece on my drone photography and why/how it has changed our view on our planet! 

Enjoy the read! CLICK HERE


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