I have been using Lightroom for a while now, depending on the client, the editing session

may take me between 1-3hrs.(Wedding or Sports)

Ever since I got my hands on the Loupedeck and now the Loupedeck+, my editing sessions

have been cut in half. On top of that I found it easier to apply edits to images, instantly which

before would have required the use of a mouse and keyboard. It’s all in your hands, from the

control dial or even selective colour edits.

I have the freedom to clear my desk and only use the Loupedeck+ or as I call it the LP.

When editing game day images from Melbourne City, I’ve customised my D1 button as a

control for noise reduction (shooting some games at iso3200 plus. This allows me to soften

the harsh noise on some not all. Trust me I don’t use this tool too much, only on game day

images I know that are affected by poor stadium lighting)

Editing weddings are always a breeze when using the LP. With colour selective options, I’m

able to mute greens/yellows at a scroll of the wheel - rating the good and bad images with

both a simple click of either red, yellow or purple option (ideally 1-5)

Recently the wife and I had a photoshoot up in the countryside of Victoria, taking both the

laptop and the LP allowed us to go through each image and edit selects on the road - either

at a cafe or at the cabin.

Only recently have I started to use it with PREMIERE PRO,. I’m no pro at editing video but it

has freed up my time from moving through segments, seeking colour edit options.

I will be uploading a little video tutorial soon.