The MYGOBE story, where to begin

I personally came across the brand via Instagram as you usually do, but it was when i looked a little deeper into what they are doing outside of the photography world that got me interested. Yes, I did need filters and have needed some for many years - but spending the money on them has always been a "Do I really need one" sort of thing.

GOBE, trusted by many but I needed to get my hands on one. And its when I came across the story of Chris and Christian that I wanted to buy into. 

Ive been to places like Thailand and Fiji, and have seen what our world has become - how we forget about our planet. Closer to home, and you can see over the years what Tasmania has gone through with deforestation. And if you know me well, you will know how much I like trees, well mainly Pine Trees (who doesnt) but nature in general, and that was it for me - how can I help secure what I love most about this planet for my kids, and of course your kids. 

Ive wanted to participate in clean up Australia days, ive wanted to raise funds for certain hospitals - but it has always felt like a big cat in a suit is behind it all - someone with money and no effort. 

So here's my helping hand, I love my trees so why not save them


So far over 400k trees have been planted thanks to the team, the ambassadors and everyone behind the GOBE brand. Where? Madagascar, Nepal and Tahiti so far and I may even ask the team if I could lend a hand and suggest somewhere closer to home. 


A simple Amazon search will take you directly to there shop, click and buy - affordable prices for all. I shoot a lot of sport and in summer, no one likes an overblown highlight. And in winter, what a great way to work on portraits using the 50mm 1.2 when the snow and sun collide.

Between 4-10days depending where in the world you are, and a knock on the door - your package has arrived. I purchased the 77mm and 72mm for my Canon 50mm 1.2 & Canon 70-200mm 2.8 II lenses. 


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