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Where to begin? the night began with our trip across the Bass on board the Spirit of Tasmania. 

Arriving into a Devonport I had no clue exisited, visiting a trendy and pretty nice coffee shop at around 6:00AM which i have never experience in Tasmania (Shops usually open at 9AM and close by 2PM) 

The first day basically took us from Devonport to Swansea, the morning winds through Launceston and the long windy roads towards Coles Bay. Coffee stops galore, I dont think I have ever had a higher intake of cafeine and milk in a single day. Enjoying the local cusines at both Food and Wine Conservatory & Stillwater - up untill we departed in the late afternoon and made it at the White Sands Resort for sunset

Finishing our day and setting up camp at the beautiful at Piermont Retreat ; Dinner/Breakfast were non-describable amazing works of art.

Catching first light by the bay, as the sun peaked over the Freycinet region - Tasmania in its raw element. And to top it off with a final roadtrip towards Hobart Airport. 

A total of 400KM would be a great estimate of our travels!

Thank you Mini Australia and thank you Tasmania


Whos bright idea was it to wake up at 4am? ours of course!

Morning sunrise session down at Bells Beach, zero traffic in sight and zero coffee in our hands. Not sure why we forgot coffees but it happened and Ill never make that mistake again!

A rather chilly morning during what has been a tough warm month in November, within an hour of standing above the beach by the viewpoint a cold front had arrived - a small storm had hit, causing rain and my drone to crash land...typical

Ever since I had a quick flight up on the Sunshine Coast earlier this year, I have been seeking a surf spot along the Victorian coast with the same shade of blue. 

With the sun hiding behind the dark clouds, all potential of tones and shadows had vanished within seconds. Planning your trips and ideas can instantly become a crush/fail when mother nature decides its not her day!

I must say the P4P handles wind pretty good, till next time Bells Beach


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