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I personally am a true believer in working hard for your gear, its a greater sense of ownership and dedication to your trade/passion. Budgets are tight and gear is expensive, so when looking on the market for your next camera - this is why I highly recommend the Canon 6DMKII

Going back a few years now, I remember picking up very first DSLR - a Canon Rebel 450D. To compare that to today's iPhone 8 or X, let's just say they both now share the exact same MP. But what a DSLR can do today is beyond what I ever thought my starter kit could have the potential of. Being able to access your image/video files via wifi or a simple Dual Pixel Auto Focus when using video or live mode. Endless amount of possibilities for your first DSLR or a second body.

It has everything a beginner need, it has everything you need as a second body. Keeping it short and simple, to be able to have a DSLR such as the Canon 6DMKII on the market available at such a low price is outstanding. A easy hands on camera for portraits, weddings or even travel. I personally enjoyed vlogging with the lightweight body. 




  1. Dual Pixel AF, its simple technology that assists many of us when filming
  2. Touch Screen, getting that shot you need when flipping the screen. Focusing on certain objects while filming without handling your lenses
  3. ISO is pretty strong, withstood images at 6400 when shooting dark wedding location with a Canon 50mm 1.2 
  4. Compared to the first gen 6D, the latest addition has a much stronger/chunkier body allowing you to grip the camera with a little more tlc
  5. 26MP 


  1. Not having 4K filming options! a real let down for many DSLR bodies in the Canon Range.
  2. Single Card slot, many of us now use a mixture of CF or SD, would be awesome if Canon had a mixture of both for all of their DSLR bodies. 
  3. No microphone access

*a big thank you to Canon Australia & Ogilvy for their support and loan of the 6D - all images below were taken on the 6DMKII