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Before any flight of any drone, the pilot must research their location. Do not go into these things blind, without a doubt something could go wrong. I do understand the whole "just do it - get the shot" but you also need to understand that there are rules in place, break one and you ruin it for all of us!

The CASA App did specify that I could not go over 30M high, and that's exactly what I did - now I have to say the 2-10mins I was up I was a nervous mess! mainly for the reason of doing this for the first time, in SYDNEY 

I do have to say, flying for that short time got me thinking - I really need to invest in a much smaller/lighter/less attention-seeking drone. Might go ahead and bring the Mavic Air alongside me in the near future.

The Phantom 4 Pro, amazing imagery/video content sadly just a large oversized drone that really needs a re-design.

Attempting my first Sydney flight, I did arrive at Bronte around 6AM, i wanted to make sure I arrive before peak time...I dont think there is Peak time, I feel SYDNEY is 110% always busy! which was why my nerves skyrocketed. 

I did enjoy my first flight, would never dare to go to any other beach just yet - I feel alot of these coastal locations down the Sydney Metro areas (Manly, Cronulla, Bronte etc) will be adjusted and may introduce no drone signs.