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Whos bright idea was it to wake up at 4am? ours of course!

Morning sunrise session down at Bells Beach, zero traffic in sight and zero coffee in our hands. Not sure why we forgot coffees but it happened and Ill never make that mistake again!

A rather chilly morning during what has been a tough warm month in November, within an hour of standing above the beach by the viewpoint a cold front had arrived - a small storm had hit, causing rain and my drone to crash land...typical

Ever since I had a quick flight up on the Sunshine Coast earlier this year, I have been seeking a surf spot along the Victorian coast with the same shade of blue. 

With the sun hiding behind the dark clouds, all potential of tones and shadows had vanished within seconds. Planning your trips and ideas can instantly become a crush/fail when mother nature decides its not her day!

I must say the P4P handles wind pretty good, till next time Bells Beach


Camera - Phantom 4 Pro

Edit - Custom Filter